Dog Training Tips: How To Be-friend Your Dog

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In this present age and time dogs have become more than a friend, dogs have become family in our homes.

But, what makes us fall in love with dogs so easily and they become family? is it because they are so cute or because they are very active and fun around the house? or because they chew on the TV remote and credit card ( I don’t think so), but I think it is the training and the grooming we give our dog that helps to grow him/her to become the best and to be part of the family (yes!). I mean no one wants a ”wild dog” to be part of the family -right? that’s why I am here to give you some little tips on dog training, we all have different types of dogs but before we train our dog we must first know them and how to train them in their own way. (more…)

10 ”People” Food Dog’s Can Eat

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We all want to make our dog feel comfortable as they can and give them some nice treats but there will come a time when your dog will want to eat the type of food you are eating and we all know we can’t say no to that sweet beautiful eyes of theirs, but the question still remains what type of human food should we give our dogs that is not going to harm them in any way possible. (more…)

Dog Health: Problems, Causes, Symtoms And Treatment.

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Dogs nowadays have become one of our greatest companion in life. And like us humans we have our breaking point and we get sick for a while, well the same things happen to dog’s the problem is we just don’t know or we don’t just notice them. Well I am here to tell some of the most common dog health problems and how to deal with them without hurting your dog. (more…)

Basic Needs For Dog Care Tip’s N Trick’s

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Dogs in this present time and era have become more than just a ”household pet” to us dogs have risen up in this present society of ours and has gain our attention to be heard, needed and seen. In this present day and time of our we need dog for various kinds and types job, some dogs are needed as guard dogs, some are service dogs, some are guide dogs, heck some dogs are even in the police force trained to get the bad guys and keep the city streets safe. (more…)

Quick Ways On How To Treat Your Dogs Wounds From Home

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Dogs our favorite friends, buddies and family as fun and mischievous as they might be they do tend to get very playful and careless and they tend to hurt themselves some as much as others, from the bites and scratches comes a lot of deep cuts and bruises and knowing your dogs skin is as soft as a feather, you must take drastic action to take good care of the wound. I know that this you don’t have any experience in treating dog wounds but I am going to give you some good first aid that works well with most dog injuries to give your dog a speedy recovery before the infections sets in. (more…)

How To Stop Your Dogs Destructive Chewing

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It is a normal habit for puppies and dogs to chew on objects as it helps them in different ways, for young dogs or pups it is a way to relieve pain caused by new incoming teeth, for older dogs it is their way of keeping jaws strong and clean teeth or in most cases it is separation anxiety YES your little baby feels lonely each time you go for work, and you come from a long day at work to a spinning, jumping and whirlwind of energy from your dog and (more…)