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Dog Health: Problems, Causes, Symtoms And Treatment.

Dogs nowadays have become one of our greatest companion in life. And like us humans we have our breaking point and we get sick for a while, well the same things happen to dog’s the problem is we just don’t know or we don’t just notice them. Well I am here to tell some of the most common dog health problems and how to deal with them without hurting your dog.

Ear Infections

Ear infections are common dog health problems, as a dog grows so do their entire body of course, and they tend to wonder around the trash and get the whole house dirty so it is quite often you see ear infections on or around your dog, well it is mostly caused by allergies, yeast, bacteria, hair growth deep in the ear canal, dust mites and FOOD, yes food is part of the cause all those beef and chicken though nice and yummy, but the bad is much more than the good, these are all predisposed to ear infections. WHY? well, research shows that there are some microscopic inflammation caused by allergies in the skin which allows overgrowth of bacterial and yeast organisms that normally should inhabit the skin. But there is no need to be alarmed folks because this is just a small problem and I am going to give you the solutions to it, your dog’s can still eat those delicious beef and chicken just follow this simple steps and you and your dog’s are safe. But there are some symptoms your dog might show when having an ear infection and they are

  • Head shaking or head tilting
  • Ear odor
  • Vigorous scratching
  • Lack of balance
  • Redness of the ear canal
  • Unusual back and forth eye movement
  • Brown, yellow or bloody discharge


For a successful treatment you must clean the ear with a gentle cleanser as the ear will be painful, or fill the ear canal with an appropriate cleaning solution with an appropriate-sized cotton ball and NOT Q-tip swabs because swabs push the debris deep into the ear canal and may rupture the ear drum. Just use the cotton ball and just gently massage the ear at the base until the ear is fairly clean. OR you can take your dog to the veterinarian to help and clean your dog’s ear in few cases surgery can be needed if it is a chronic infection or if you see you dog forcefully shaking his/her head. For this may result in the rupture of a vessel with the outer part of the ear.



This are the most common you can see in dog’s from the tapeworms to hookworms and roundworms along with the infomus whip worms these are all internal parasites in dog’s, although some of these worms are easy to spot in the dog for example a tape worm is easy to pick up in your dog when you see what resembles grains of rice in their stool, while some other worms like heat worms are a little hard to notice. That’s why I have made a list of symptoms your dog might show and they are

  • diarrhea (this may be bloody)
  • weight loss
  • a change in appetite
  • a rough or dry coat
  • scooting or rubbing its bottom on the ground
  • vomiting (with round worms in particular)
  • itching and signs of irritation
  • visible worms in fur or facial matter
  • low energy
  • coughing


If left untreated, worms can damage your dog’s internal organs and that can lead to loss of consciousness or even death. If you suspect that you dog has any type of worm the best thing to do is to take your dog to the nearest veterinary office because this will include oral treatment and it will also require follow-up on the dog’s health, please do not try treating worms yourself because no two worms are the same a medication that kills roundworms is not the same medication that kills tapeworm or hookworm even if you have the treatment for all worms it is still advisable to see the vet for usage and direction.



Did you know it takes up to four or five weeks for a flea to turn into an infestation ( 1,000 bitting bugs) imagine that, well this is the most common of all, like our dog’s get it all the time and we don’t even know until it probably late, yeah I have been there to but the best news is you have someone who has passed through this experience before and is here to tell you the do’s and don’t’s in this situation, Let’s just face the fact if you find out that your dog has been infested with fleas he/she may become very nervous, annoyed and may scratch excessively and Let’s face it, if that happens your home is already part of the problem you will begin to find egg’s, larvae and pupae wherever your dog’s like to lie or sit.(yikes) well it time to take action people, Let’s start by laying out the symptoms to know at an early stage when your dog’s has fleas.

  • Excessive scratching, licking, or biting at the skin
  • Hair loss
  • Hot spots ( red-hot dots round the dog’s body)
  • Allergic dermatitis (allergic response caused by contact)
  • Flea dirt (looks like small black dots against your dog’s skin)
  • Tapeworms (which are carried by fleas)


There are some ways to take care of flea problem and I am going to show you a few ways you can do it yourself before going to the vet.

1) Get a flea comb and run the flea comb over your dog, making sure the comb reaches the skin through the coat. If black specks are on the comb when you pull it off, they might be flea dirt. If fleas are on the comb quickly drown them in a bowl of soapy water before they get away or worse jump back on your dog’s body. getting a flea comb from your vet or pet store seems to be the best bet, the metal ones are the best.  Or you can get a flea and tick dog collar and be safe allday everyday or if your dogs has already been infested with flea and tick you can use a flea and tick treatment to get them back in shape.

2) If you don’t want get the flea comb you can as well try placing a white paper towel beneath your pet dog and rub your hands across its fur. If black spot’s appear on the towel it may be flea’s or flea dirty.

It will take some months before you can get your home and dog’s free from flea infestation but fr a quick treatment of flea you can take your dog to the vet and have him/her treated properly and clean your eviroment on a regular basis yo get rid of the eggs lying around and also get a IGR ( Insect growth regulator) to warn you against upcoming infestations.



Diarrhea is know everywhere and also characterized by frequent loose or liquid bowel movements and it is caused by somthing as simple or as little as change in diet or something more serious like an illness or an infection. Diarrhea maybe sudden at the onset and be short in the duration. It can also last from weeks to months or it just comes and goes once in a while. A single bount of diarrhea in dog’s id generally not a cause for alarm, but if it persist for more than a day it can lead to dehyration or it may indicate an underlying health issue and should be checked out by your veterinarian and your dog should be fine now that we have the treatment out of the way let me tell you the causes of diarrhea in dog’s

  • Change in diet
  • Food intolerance
  • Ingestion of garbage or spoiled
  • Ingestion of poisonous substance or toxic plant
  • Ingestion of foreign body ( rubber band, plastic bag, toy)
  • Allergic reaction
  • Bactarial or viral infection
  • internal parasites ( round worm, coccidia and giadia)
  • Stress
  • Certain medications
  • Colitis


It is recomended that during the phase of diarrhea it is best to avoid giving your dog food for 12-24 hours but do provide plenty of fresh and clean water to compensate for the dehydration your dog will have during that period.and check with your veterinarian for the proper cause of treatment for your dog’s specific case.

Regular check-up

It always pays to take your pets for a regular check up once in a while or once in two months to get rid of any incoming infections and the once already in your dog’s system, nothing is more cornforting than seeing your pooch in good health plus it pays on the long always take your dog for regular check-up to the veterinarian.





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