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Dog Training Tips: How To Be-friend Your Dog

In this present age and time dogs have become more than a friend, dogs have become family in our homes.

But, what makes us fall in love with dogs so easily and they become family? is it because they are so cute or because they are very active and fun around the house? or because they chew on the TV remote and credit card ( I don’t think so), but I think it is the training and the grooming we give our dog that helps to grow him/her to become the best and to be part of the family (yes!). I mean no one wants a ”wild dog” to be part of the family -right? that’s why I am here to give you some little tips on dog training, we all have different types of dogs but before we train our dog we must first know them and how to train them in their own way.

I am going to show you a place where you can get a dog training course and know the awesome ways to (potty train your dog, calm your dogs emotion’s, solve your dogs problem’s and even become a dog trainer yourself ). To me I feel it’s a win/win, but before that lets get to the few tips I will be teaching you about.

1. Listen To Your Dog

Most people often think that the reason why dogs don’t want to do some things is maybe they are lazy or just being stubborn or but, maybe we should look into the reason why we cannot get them to do what we want. true sometimes it may be laziness but not all the time, it may be because he/she is not comfortable with what you want it to do or they might be allergic to things you want them to do.

Dogs are sensitive creatures and they need sensitive care and being able to listen to them is the first step in training the because if you listen to them and know what is wrong and actually help them in return they will listen to you and obey you because you noticed them and helped them, forcing them to do what you want them to do might result in a bigger problem in the future, so please try to listen to your dog and try not to force your dog.

2. Be Generous With Your Affection

Most people are very clear when they are unhappy or angry when their dog has been bad, but when their dog done something good it is a very hard to show them love and praise them for what they did, some totally ignore them and that is a very BIG MISTAKE always show your dog some love especially when they dog something good you most go the extra mile to show them that they did very well and you can go overboard sometimes but not all the time, this act shows your dog that you see what he/she has done and they did very well that’s why they get a treat or something don’t ignore them they become sad and they will be scared to do anything again.

3. Tell Him What You Want Him To Do

We have to be very clear about what you want your dog to do, you need to send your dog more information, don’t get this the wrong way there is nothing wrong in tell your dog it just the word NO has a wide meaning to dogs, for example ( if your dog jumps on someone to say hello) and you say NO he may jump even higher or to the left or right. Dogs don’t really generalize so well they are more of the quiet side but still very troublesome but a better alternative would be to ask your dog to SIT always tell him what you want him to do in order to avoid confusion I think telling them in their own language or the words used to train them is the best bet for example( sit, down, fetch ) etc well I leave the decision to you.

4. Be Consistent

when ever training your dog it is important to use one word to train your dog not two different words for example ( down and off ) are two different words to send your dog away from the couch stick to one word and not two for it leads to confusion to both you and the dog and it is also important to get as many family members as possible to get them involved as much as possible to make everyone is on the same page and the same training word, we can’t let someone else tell your dog ”off” to get him/her away from the couch when your are training him/her with down, remember consistency is key stick to one word and you will be fine in my opinion i surgest sticking to the basic words like SIT, STAY, ROLL OVER and FETCH etc. juts to be on the safe side and always remember to give your dog some nice treats each time he/she does good its a sign of encouragement

5. Don’t Underestimate High Quality Food

when it comes to feeding your dog nothing pays more than the best high-quality diets with appropriate amount of protein but if your dog spends his days lounging at your condo you can’t feed him the same food with a protein level you feed a dog who herds sheep’s all day.

Its good get high quality food for your dog it pays better both in money and in health the high quality food you get for your dog adds more nutrition to your dog than the average food you get, it saves you trips to the vets almost all the time, lets face the fact no one wants to pay hundreds of dollars to just cure a little thing you could have just prevented with high quality food so please start feeding your dog high quality food.

6. You Get What You Reinforce-Not What You Want

This topic is quite tricky because we always want what we did not reinforced and this applies to everything we do around us, well for an example if you see your dog exhibit a behavior you don’t like there is a good chance that you reinforced that behavior in your dog, after all you are the one that trained him / her right ? a great example will be ( your dog want to play he bring’s a ball and you are busy but your dog wants your attention so he BARKS and in doing so gets your attention and you throw the ball just so he can leave you alone).

Your dog has just learned that barking gets you to do what he wants, even if you say no the barking will not stop it will just get louder and louder, heaven forbid you give in and throw the toy again! why? because you would have taught your dog another lesson that persistence pays off and before you know it you have a dog that barks every time he wants something. Quick solution? ignore the barking or ask him to do something for you like (sit) before you throw his ball or toy. Remember every interaction you have with you dog is a learning opportunity for both him and you, so be careful what you do.

7. Bribery Vs Reward

What all dogs know and love? not the bribery, it’s the reward and well in dog’s case the treats, even though the idea of using treats is often equated with bribery but truthfully we all know dog’s do what works right? and if using treats gets them to do what you wants, then why not? you can also use the world or environment around you as a reinforcement, every interaction you have with your dog is a learning opportunity, so when you think about you probably don’t use food except during active training sessions, so why does your dog continue to hang our? because you have reinforced him with praise, touch, games and walks. Remember the behavior should produce the treat and not the other way around.

8. Freedom

A common mistake that many pet parents make is giving their new dog too much freedom to soon which is not that good. Freedom must gradually be earned throughout your house, if you give your dog too much freedom at an early stage this will give your dog the impression that he/she is free to chew, poop and mess up anything and everywhere they wish and we all know what that means, the destructive chewing starts and grows like wild fire.

Best and fast solution close off all doors to unoccupied rooms and use baby gates or better yet dog gate which I can show you some in a bit, to section off parts of the house if need be. One of the best ways to minimize incidents is to keep your dog especially when tethered or teething (young pups) close by using a dog crate or doggie safe area click HERE for crates and HERE for doggie safe areas for your home anyone that tickles your fancy, when you can’t actively supervise your dog or when you are not at home. These are just some safety tips and ways you can prevent your dog from causing trouble, no one wants to get a new TV remote or credit card for something you can just prevent right now so please lets do the right and safe thing for us and our precious dog’s.

9. Have Realistic Expectations

Training and taking care of a dog takes a lot of time, effort, persistence and patience especially when they are puppies.  It takes a long time to change a dogs’ behaviour once they have become used to doing things in a certain way or if you get an older dog that has not been trained well or in some cases not at all.

Now it is time to the main Dog Training Itself -click here – DOG TRAINING

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