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Basic Needs For Dog Care Tip’s N Trick’s

Dogs in this present time and era have become more than just a ”household pet” to us dogs have risen up in this present society of ours and has gain our attention to be heard, needed and seen. In this present day and time of our we need dog for various kinds and types job, some dogs are needed as guard dogs, some are service dogs, some are guide dogs, heck some dogs are even in the police force trained to get the bad guys and keep the city streets safe.

Dogs has created a place for them in this society of ours, they have come a long way for some little cute feline right? but yet I still notice that they are not being treated right, not being taken well care of, and it pains me to see that in some places dogs are still being treated as trash and it is not right.

So I am going to give you some needs and tips on how to take care of your dog starting from the top 10 things to buy when you get your first dog, am sure we have like 3 or 4 but lets just start small and simple.

Dog Supplies: Need’s And Tip’s

A good mother will tell you that no two siblings are the same, well the same goes for dogs. Having two dogs of the same breads doesn’t mean they will accept the same way of treatment or attention and in this present day we are now with different breeds of dogs this means different attention and different needs, but don’t worry I am going to provide you with a basic list of dog supplies needed and used for a good number of dogs right now.

  • A Dog Collar And Leash: when you get your first dog I think you will be given a regular collar and leash along or you buy one but if you want to be on the safe side I recommend you get the collar with the bug repellent for a safe start, I know it is not stylish or cool but you can switch to the stylish or get a normal collar. The one with the tie for male is pretty sweet makes a dog look handsome and for the female dog any pink design will do, owners choice.

  • Crates And Containers: This to me is usually not needed but I added it because of the unexpected, like maybe you want to travel or go on a trip that is if you love traveling and you know you dog will tag along, so lets get our crates and containers for a trip to grandmas.


  • Dog Bed: This is a need that you must get for your dog, a nice comfy bed cozy, soft and warm for both night and day.


  • Food And Waterbowl: I dont think i need to explain why you need this but a dog got to eat right so lets get or food and waterbowl for our dog.


  • Food And Treats: For those good days that your buddy did good and you just want to give him a little treat or food.


  • Identification: You can embed the name of your dog on his collar for identification for when your dog gets lost.


  • Toys: For those days that he is left home alone just to keep him busy till you get back.
  • Dog Grooming:Needs And Tips

    Now that supplies are out of the way, I want to talk to you about grooming. How to take care of your dog hygienically that is, I will tell you the things to get, simple yet essential for a hygienic dog.

  • Comb Or Brush: A comb for a dog or pup with much fur and the brush for little fur.
  • Shampoo And Conditioner Made For Dogs: Most people will just use an ordinary ( human shampoo) and feel it is OK but, its not please do consider the side effects in using something made for humans on dogs thats why we have shampoo made for dogs you can add a bit of dog cologne if you want owners choice.
  • Nail Clipper And Scissors: we just have to keep those nails prim and proper before it hurts someone would think of adding a styptic powder in there.
  • A Professional Animal Clipper: As the hair or fur grows we just have to cut or reduce it.
  • Otic Solutions Forceps And Gauze. Just to keep those waxy ears clean.
  • This is just to name a few basic grooming needs there are a lot more and I will keep you updated just start with these and you are on your way to a beautiful and handsome dogs.


    Ways To Say”I Love YOU” In Dog Language ( Improve Your bond )

    Improving the bond between dog and owner is key, but on the other hand none of us don’t really know how to do that. Well look no further cus I am going to give you a few steps on how to improve that bond between you and your dog.

  • Talk To Your Dog: Nothing beats talking to your dog about your day at work or talk to your doganything at all. It has been shown in studies using MRI that dog understands human language than previously thought, so start talking to your dog it is not as crazy as you might think, give it a try folks.
  • Be A Good Listener: Dogs rely on facial expression and body language to listen to your dogcommunicate than the ”woof” sound the better you understand how your dog feels the better you are able to bond with them, so start listening to your dogs people!!! and bond with them.
  • Share A Deep And Soft Eye Contact With Your Dog: Did you know? Each Eye contact with your dogtime you stare at your dog in a forceful or aggressive manner this lead to a spark of aggression in the dog and you will be seen as a hostile to them, but a dog gives you a lingering eye contact it is their own way of saying ”I love you”, so start giving your dog that baby love eyes and tell them you love them to.
  • The Brows Say It All: Scientific studies has proven that dogs can read human emotions through our facial
    expressions. But when a dog loves you they eyebrows are raised usually
    the left more than the right, so start greeting your dog with raised
    eyebrows people tell them you love the in their own way.
  • Lean On Me: Did you know? A dog leaning against you is a sign of love and trust, so leaning against your dog is a good way to add a little love boost to your dog day.
  • Sleep Next To Each Other: If you don’t mind, let your dog sleep beside you Sleeeping next to each otheronce in a while, even an afternoon snooze can help you and your dog together, so start getting comfy together.
  • Walk Together: Nothing beats a long walk with you and your dog it goes a pay fetch togetherlong way even a few training sessions help build trust and communication, some adventures around the neighborhood gives plenty of time to brush up on skills like loose leash and recall, and try to make it a daily routine which dogs thrive on with a little of this once in a while this will help your dogs understand how much you love and care for them.

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