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WOpet Automatic Pet Feeder- Review

Product: WOpet Pet Feeder

Price: $99.95 (retail)


The Cheapest Place To Buy:

Size Of Product: 6 pounds


Guarantee: 12 months warranty

My Rating: 9.5

The WOpet Pet Feeder Overview

Dog feeding has always been fun and interesting for us dog parents waking up in the morning and decide what you want to eat for you and your little trouble maker. But there is a problem with the way we dog parents feed our pets this few days. Most pet parents let things slide and feed their pets the way we humans feed ourselves three times a day, every day. And that’s on a normal day. don’t get the wrong idea, what I am just trying to say is the way we feed our dogs can be a little ”over the top”. Generally, experts recomend that you feed puppies around 8 weeks of age three time a day thier requied diet designed for that age and breed size and for dog that are 6 to12 months once or twice a day has been recomended for their feeding time( once for big dogs and twice for small dogs). But Let’s face the facts, weare human beigns and we tend to forget things a lot especially when we are at that morning 9 to 5 rush hour we just drink coffie and we are off forgeting we have a little one we did not feed in the morning. But with the WOpet pet feeder you don’t have to worry about forgeting to feet your dog or pup again. You can schedule up to 4 automated feeding time per day for your dog it has a built-in programmable timer, it can even be programmed to control every food portion of food from 2 teaspoons to 4.5 cups per feeding.

It’s Not Just Feeding You Can Program

The WOpet has built-in unexpected contingencies, the WOpet is wall power and/or battery power,so in case of a power outage the WOpet pet feeder keeps feeding your pet 24/7 power or no power.and programming a portion sized dryed form 2 teaspoons to 4.5 cups is going to be a breeze this is going to be very awesome for dogs that are on a strict diet routine and only have to eat a little of everything but with our time schedule as pet parents it’s going to be a little of a drag that”s when WOpet pet feeder comes in, just think programming every food for your dog to the exact cm or in this case teaspoon life is going to be so much easier with the WOpet pet feeder around

It Tells Your Dog When Food Is Ready

The WOpetpet feeder doesn’t just program portion sized food for your dog, but it also calls your dogs and tell them that their food is ready with it’s voice recording message that is created by you to call your dog for food time so your special food time call can be recorded in the WOpet pet feeder (if it here boy, or come and get it boy,) everything is made simple for you so you can go out and have some fun or work that 9 to 5 jobs without worry.

Cleaning Up Is A Breeze

The WOpet pet feeder is not just easy to program it is also easy to clean, with the food pellet size ranging from 0.2-0.6inches in diameter; up to 4 meals a day. The removable hygienic feeding tray is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. and Let’s not forget about the main food storage compartment which can hold up to 20 cups of food and it is also removeable for easy cleaning and refilling.


Don’t Take My Word For It Lets See Previous Buyers

I am a believer in this product am sure many others will love the WOpet pet feeder, coming across so many pet feeders from pet stores and from the internet itself I have never seen any other pet feeder that is offering a 24/7/365 customer care service and technical support, or maybe I have not been looking that much. But the fact still remains the WOpet pet feeder has been designed for both human and pet comfort. but dont take my word for it Let’s see the previous buyers.


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this goes with out saying that the WOpet automatic pet feeder is definitely the one to go for at a time like this.hope you get your WOpet automatic pet feeder soon and if you love this review or have any question or would like to add a few thing feel free to leave a comment at the section below.

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